Introducing KOA
The Company

KOA is a Network Organization focusing on establishing a strong and sustainable community to empower the leaders of tomorrow. To KOA leadership has not only to do with titles, seniority or hierarchy.

With the pursuit of “Leaders create Leaders not Followers” the KOAteam established different events bringing together upcoming talents and business leaders.

KOAconference 2017

The meaning of KOA is Hawaiian for warrior. To us it stands for strong, independent, international women with goals that are brave, bold and fearless. Women who will be an example to the new generations to eliminate inequalities and achieve great success by supporting, advising and guiding each other in the most effective way. When we talk about empowerment we are talking about equal rights for both genders. Therefore KOA hosts a balanced amount of female and male professionals at their yearly KOAconference to inspire, empower and interconnect ambitious high potentials with the visionaries of the world. The KOAcommunity unites female high potentials with experiences and interests in a wide range of industries and markets with our successful and forward thinking speakers, partners and supporters.

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